RARC Young Writer’s Contest

The Richmond Area Reading Council is pleased to announce this year’s Writing Extravaganza/Young Writer’s Contest!  

The Writing Extravaganza Celebration will be held in April this year, which is National Poetry Month. Therefore, this year we are requesting that all entries in the Young Writer’s Contest be in the genre of poetry.  

Writing poetry with students can be both fun and challenging.  Below are a few links to assist you in getting started with launching a poetry unit. Or, you may choose to allow students to do some self-exploration and challenge themselves to create some original pieces of poetry.





Students in grades 3 – 12 are eligible to submit poetry entries in this year’s RARC Writing Extravaganza/ Young Writer’s Contest.  Please see the following flyer and entry forms (2017-young-writers-contest-entry-form          2017rarcyoungwriterscontestflyer).

Students who are selected as winners will be invited to attend the Writing Extravaganza Celebration  which will be held on April 25, 2017 (location TBA).

Teachers, who teach in Hanover County, may submit entries and entry forms via the Pony to Jess Dupont at Cold Harbor Elem. or Doris Favale at Pearson’s Corner Elem. An address is provided on the flyer and entry form for those who teach in other districts.  

Please direct questions to Jess – jdupont@hcps.us or Doris – dfavale@hcps.us

We look forward to receiving several entries this year and are excited to celebrate the efforts of the many young poets in the various districts represented by the Richmond Area Reading Council. 

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